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Multicultural early childhood literature in picture books: Reflections and explorations from the color-blind generation

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  1. Description of the key idea being explored and a clear statement of purpose.
  2. Description of the methods of investigation to be employed.
  3. Relevance of the project to the field of education or one of its sub-fields.
  4. The theme of the culture of power and its five different aspects.
  5. Conclusion.

Utilizing methods of research, social and historical inquiry, as well as interviews and examination of texts both primary and secondary, the purpose of my senior work project is to interrogate the dominant view(s) of multi-cultural early childhood literature through the lens of contemporary picture books. The project will explore how dominant views of racism are implicit in the texts through exploring three key concepts: the process of ?Othering?, the notion of the ?white gaze?, and white privilege. The results of my explorations and analyses will be creatively synthesized into a contemporary children's book consisting of the re-telling and illustrations of a piece of multi-cultural literature (yet to be determined).

[...] This book will be established within the framework of the authors explored in the literature review and work to move away from education and literature as a tool for alienation, silencing and marginalization, towards a tool and a place for the formulation of critical, intelligent, and respectful human beings. Relevance of the project to the field of education or one of its sub-fields Focusing on the implicit racism in many of the contemporary children's picture books deemed ?multi-cultural? will provide a contemporary analysis and framework for understanding how to teach our children to be respectful, understanding, and critical human beings through everyday interactions and experiences. [...]

[...] "Examing Multicultural Picture Books for the Early Childhood Classroom: Possibilities and Pitfalls." (2000). Mulvey, Laura. Visual and Other Pleasures Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema Prutzman, Priscilla, et al. The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet: Children's Creative Response to Conflict Program. A Handbook on Creative Approaches to Living and Problem Solving for Children. Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers Rocha, Osbelia Juarez, and Frances Smardo Dowd. "Are Mexican American Females Portrayed Realistically in Fiction for Grades A Content Analysis." . Simonson, Sara D. [...]

[...] Recognizing the transition from that of blindness (which I was taught in my schooling) towards awareness and from awareness understanding and respect, I will critically investigate and explore select pieces of multi-cultural early childhood literature through the lens of contemporary picture books. In doing so, I anticipate the development of a clearer understanding of the framework and the unintentional racial implications of many contemporary pieces of early childhood multi-cultural literature. The knowledge I obtain from these explorations and analyses will be utilized in my reflections towards better serving the early childhood education community and the development of my own statement of pedagogy as a future early childhood education teacher. [...]

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