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On the way to a successful integration on a US Campus. How can a French student succeed his integration?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. What authors say.
    1. Theoretical essays.
    2. Novels and articles.
  3. Case study: What we found out.
    1. Our analysis methods.
    2. Our results.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Appendix.

What makes 600 000 young people from all over the world come to study in the United States? Is it the reputation of the US degrees? The efficient teaching methods or the life on campus? Studying in the United States is a myth for a large number of students in the world. A lot of movies and series give us a dreamy image of what a US campus is. They make us believe that it must be very easy to integrate in such an environment. As our entire groups members had, at least once thought, of spending one year in an American College or still plan to do it, we decided to focus on the integration of French students on US campuses. Many questions arose: is it easy? What problems do students have? When do they feel integrated? Therefore, our main issue will be to find out how French students can experience a successful integration on a US campus. Thus, we could think about the following question: What are the decisive factors in matters of integration? In order to answer that question our project will be divided in two complementary parts: one more theoretical with texts, novels and articles analysis about the integration phenomenon and intercultural relations. The second and main part of our work will focus on a several case studies. The aim of that section is to share real experiences of this integration process and to find out how students deal with studying in the US and what their feelings are. The question is to know whether these personal experiences are in line with the theoretical researches or may be contradictory in some aspects.

[...] Indeed, there are many more students in the American universities than in any faculties in France It is possible to roam for a long time on the campus and in the building of the university without recognizing familiar faces even if the students are grouped together by specialization. A campus it is a real student's city. Which outstanding experiences do you remember? Tell me more about your integration. Yes, I have one outstanding experience. It was in a church in the center of Denver. [...]

[...] Although there is no sure recipe for a successful integration, our research enables us to determine some clues to understand how a French student can manage his integration on a US campus. The command of English appears to be crucial since it allows you to take part in discussions, debates or mere jokes. A strong will to be integrated and real efforts to succeed are also very important in the integration process. Even more determining is the attitude you have towards the new culture you are experiencing. [...]

[...] He will try to find out how people behave on a US campus. First he discovers with wonder the campus environment: sports teams, clubs, and a huge and beautiful space. He realizes that it is not so easy to have the foreign student's status. He will break taboos and have a relationship with a Black woman or instance. Peter Hanami Steps to Student Integration Peter Hanami is an Australian International Education Consultant based in Tokyo. In an article called Steps to Student Integration?, he wants to answer the teacher's question: can I to stop the class being divided into local students on one side of the class and international students the other Hanami outlines five steps institution can consider when they try to integrate international students. [...]

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