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Pedagogy with middle school students

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  1. Development characteristics
  2. Impact as a middle school teacher
  3. Worldview impact

Adolescences undergo a remarkable and rapid developmental change. Understanding and responding to the unique development characteristic is critical at the middle school level. The teacher education system should prepare all teachers for middle school students to face the challenges that emerge at the middle school level (Ryan, 2011). Development characteristics are influenced by different factors such as family, religion, ethnicity, and culture. The theme of this is the pedagogy with middle school students based on a middle school student interview.

[...] Consequently, it indicates that he does not desire to participate in harmful behaviors such as fighting or playing violent video games, which shows that he is achieving moral development (Gini, Pozzoli, & Hymel, 2014). Psychological development characteristic for middle school students is that they appear moody, easily offended, have low self-esteem. From the interview, the Alexia recognizes that some students are scared when called to read out loud, which does not happen for him. He is confident while reading and discussion. [...]

[...] However, the interview did not present any evidence of physical development characteristics with Alexa, the middle school student. Cognitive intellectual development describes how well the students honest eagerness for learning new concepts, make steps towards achievement of self-confidence and foster critical skills to appreciate other people and the world. Middle school students experience brain development which marks their ability to think critically, solve problems as well as plan their activities. The social skills, thinking and other developmental characteristics of the middle school students differ significantly from those of older or younger children. [...]

[...] Contrary to the expected behavior of fear and shyness among the middle school students Alexia says that he is neither shy nor scared to read aloud. When called out to read he reads out confidently because he believes that his reading is good. Alexia also has high esteem compared to other middle school students. Therefore, Alexia has achieved great Social- emotional development. Impact as a middle school teacher As a middle school teacher, I have learned that middle school students are interested in learning new concepts but prefer interesting topic or ideas. [...]

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