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Place of Buddhist education in present day Vietnam

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Historical overview of Buddhism in Vietnam.
  3. Dam Luu's initiatives of Buddhist Education in Vietnam.
    1. A big input to the Buddhism education.
    2. Vietnam: Considered a Chinese province.
    3. Dam Luu's idea of chanting Buddhist scriptures in Vietnamese.
  4. Contemporary Buddhism in Vietnam.
  5. Bibliography.

In the beginning the Christi?n Er?, the people in v?rious p?rts of Southe?st ?si? found out of Buddhism ?s ? result of increased contact with the Indian merchants who had come to the region to trade. These merchants not only set up trading places in Southe?st ?si? including Vietnam, but also introduced their religions and cultures with them. Under their influence, the local people begin to practice ? mixture of Buddhism and Hinduism, while retaining at the same time many of their old beliefs and customs. Currently, Vietnam shelters 9,038,064 people, or 12 percent of the country's population, and 33,066 Buddhist monks and nuns, including 21,606 of the M?h?y?n? sect, 9,415 of Therev?d? Khmer ?nd 2,045 mendic?nt fri?rs. These numbers are constantly increasing due to the increased Buddhist education brought into the country in the beginning in the Christi?n Er? ?nd spreading to the present time (Nguyen, 2002).

[...] Contempor?ry Buddhism in Vietn?m ?t the beginning of the present century, Buddhism in Vietn?m underwent some modernis?tion. Buddhist n?tion?l org?nis?tions were set up ?nd educ?tion w?s emph?sised. However, this process w?s hindered by ? continuous period of w?rs, ?nd c?me to ? virtu?l stop when the country c?me under Communist rule. The educ?tion?l institutions in Vietn?m include ? number of school ?nd institutes th?t promote the knowledge of the Buddhism in the country. The Vietn?m Buddhist S?ngh? runs three Buddhist Institutes in H?noi, Hue ?nd Ho Chi Minh City with ? tot?l enrolment of more th?n 1,000 tr?inee monks' ?nd nuns. [...]

[...] Second, we must present the te?chings in ?ccord?nce with soci?l conditions ?nd the t?stes of the popul?tion ?t th?t time. I do not see ?nything wrong with ch?nting scriptures in Vietn?mese. ?lthough you m?y h?ve some problems with the music?l tones ?t first, believe me, you will underst?nd the te?chings better. D?m Luu's ide? of ch?nting Buddhist scriptures in Vietn?mese h?s now g?ined wide support ?t m?ny temples in the United St?tes. Still, D?m Luu felt th?t ch?nting the scriptures in Vietn?mese w?s not enough. [...]

[...] Women in the Footsteps of the Buddha: Struggle for Liberation in the Ther?g?th?. Richmond, Surrey: Curzon Press Farber, Don Taking Refuge in L.A.: Life in a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple. New York: The Aperuture Foundation. U.S. / ASIAN AMERICAN / VIETNAMESE AMERICAN / RELIGION / BUDDHISM / VIETNAM / CFK 7. Forest, Alain, Yoshiaki Ishizawa, and LJon Vandermeersch, eds Cultes populaires et sociétés asiatiques: Appareils cultuels et appareils de pouvoir. Paris: l'Harmattan. CAMBODIA / VIETNAM / PHILIPPINES / RELIGION / SOCIETY / POPULAR / BUDDHISM / CONFUCIANISM / CATHOLICISM 8. [...]

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