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Pornography is not your friend: Pornography and the First Amendment

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  1. The difference between pornography and erotica.
  2. Negative messages validated in pornography.
  3. Anti-pornography activist and Men Against Pornography co-founder John Stoltenberg.
  4. Women suffer from pornography even if they do not participate in its creation.
  5. Women in the sex industry suffer on an entirely different level.
  6. The problem is that women continue to enter this male-dominated field.
  7. Weighing the positive and negative aspects of the issue.

Under the First Amendment, pornography is sometimes protected as freedom of speech in our country today. However, pornography harms our society in several ways. Pornography is detrimental to attitudes and views about healthy sexuality, particularly the views held by men. Pornography promotes violence and simultaneously makes a violent rape culture more acceptable by using free speech as its excuse. It also celebrates masculine dominance and devalues equality with women. While the feminist reclamation of pornography could potentially be seen as empowering, on a whole, pornography still remains emotionally destructive for both sexes, including but not limited to those involved in the creation and distribution of pornography, those who view it, and those who become the perpetrators and victims of violence as a result of its subtle manifestation in their lives.

[...] Women in the sex industry suffer on an entirely different level. One reason violence and pornography seem to correlate is that violence, even in supposedly non-violent pornography, is often present is not shown. Anti- pornography activist Catherine MacKinnion believes that pornography acts against women twice: once when made, and once when viewed (MacKinnion, ?Pornography,? 1). The most publicized case of pornography violence was against Linda Marchiano, who starred in the 1972 film Deep Throat. After the released of the movie, Linda wasn't paid. [...]

[...] Perhaps revoking the right to publish any form of pornography is severe, but if it's ceasing to exist does not end up at least mitigating and somewhat solving the aforementioned problems, it can be reinstated in full. Erotica, argued to be inoffensive in ways pornography is not, can easily replace he need for visual and external sexual stimulus and can teach mutual please, truly sex-positive values at the same time. With pornography out of the way and its confusing cues left behind, rape may not end?many problems with not cease in total. [...]

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