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Professional misconducts of teachers and way out

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  1. Expectations from a teacher
  2. Professional misconducts of teachers
    1. Absence from school and classes
    2. Lateness to school and classes
    3. Corruption/extortion of money from pupils/students
    4. Immoral relationship with female pupils/students
    5. Involvement in examination malpractices
    6. Non-keeping of/inappropriate keeping of records
    7. Engagement in business activities within and outside school
    8. Sending pupils/students on errand(s)
    9. Drinking and smoking
  3. Consequences of teachers' misconducts
    1. Cancellation of results of pupils/students
    2. Loss to parents
    3. Reduction in the value of certificates
    4. Non recognition of certificates
    5. Poor learning by pupils/students
    6. Increased vices in the society
    7. Withdrawal/dropout of pupils/students from school
    8. Reduction in teachers' image
  4. The way out
    1. Thorough screening of candidates being recruited into teaching
    2. Alleviating poverty of teachers
    3. Orientation of teachers
    4. Provision of teachers manual for teachers
    5. Enforcing discipline among teachers
    6. Motivation of teachers
    7. Regular supervision and monitoring of teachers

Teaching is regarded as a noble career just as teachers are considered as role models to pupils and students. These days, a lot of professional misconducts could be noticed among teachers. Many teachers are now disillusioned, lazy, uncommitted, and unpatriotic. This paper is an examination of the misconducts observable among teachers, such as: immoral relationship with female pupils/students, involvement in examination malpractices, extortion of money from pupils/students, poor records keeping, involvement in commercial activities within and outside school, which have eroded the confidence reposed in them by government, parents, and other education stakeholders. To redeem the lost confidence, re-orientation of teachers, improvement in their conditions of service, among other measures, are recommended.

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