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Reasons for attending college

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  1. Personal investment
  2. Financial stability
  3. Opportunity

Intentions and the nature thereof may define a person. Each human being has a different set of goals and reason for action. Whenever education is mentioned, one assumes the individual has the most honest intentions. However, each person's reason for pursuing an education is different. Multiple factors inspired my quest for post-secondary education. Personal investment, financial stability and opportunity are my personal reasons for my pursuance of education.

[...] It could be through foreign exchange programs, group travel, or class involvement. With a college education I can travel anywhere. (Edmundson) In conclusion, there are three primary reasons for my interest in a college education. Attaining a degree is a personal investment. From the investment I am afforded the opportunity to attain financial stability. Additionally, a plethora of opportunity is derived from the attendance of college. Many more reasons come to mind, but these are the top three. Works Cited Edmundson, Mark. are you and what are you doing Oxford America. [...]

[...] The degree I attain will assist in maintaining the job I acquire after school. If the job doesn't work for me I will still maintains the skills, knowledge, and experience to attain a position of similar nature. Finally, college encourages unadulterated opportunity. During my pursuit of education I have experienced entrepreneurship opportunities that are not offered outside of the college setting. Long lasting relationships that would not be presented otherwise have been offered through my college attendance. Many people meet their spouse in college. This is an additional possibility for me. [...]

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