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The right way to study - From a psychological point of view

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  1. Retrieval
  2. Rehearsal
  3. Overlearning
  4. Spaced learning

There are many different ways of studying, and some methods are more effective than others. The method I described here is effective for students who are learning just about any subject, and if they follow the steps correctly, they will be able to do well in the given subject. This method of learning will help these students to learn effectively and memorize information and be able to do well on exams. The method explains how to use psychological tools and concepts to study and improve one's ability to study.

[...] I begin by looking at the headings in each chapter and seeing if I am familiar with them. Then I would read the definitions on the margins and try to remember them a little bit through rehearsal. My next step would be to read the chapter and look up any words that I don't know in the dictionary. I would read the chapter and highlight things that I think are either important or difficult for me to remember or understand. [...]

[...] In this situation, I am taking useful psychological techniques and applying them to my own life. By understanding the psychological process behind learning and using the techniques, a person is able to become more efficient and more capable at retaining information. Works Cited Wagner, Kendra Van. ?Memory Retrieval.? Retrieved May from Website: ?Chunking mnemonic memory technique.? Retrieved May from Ababasoft Website: Rader, Heather. (2005). [...]

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