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The effectiveness of e-learning programs

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  1. Introduction.
    1. A review of current literature about the benefits and advantages of e-learnin.
  2. E-learning is - the use of technology to provide guided training.
    1. Incorporation of changes in the internet world.
    2. The business of e-learning inside the template of Web 2.0.
  3. Advantages of e-learning.
    1. The most training benefit for the smallest expense.
    2. The virtual existence of the training material and outlines.
    3. The 24/7 aspect of the web and the ability for employees to follow-up on their training when they are away from the office.
  4. Disadvantages.
    1. The longer use of eLearning in the UK by comparison to most other EU countries.
    2. The persistent issue of human interaction.
  5. Methods of teaching.
    1. A look at the material.
    2. Technological facilitation.
    3. The proper balance of collaboration between instructor, student, hardware and software.
  6. Conclusion.

The aim of this section is to establish from various literature, the main points of best practice in implementing e-learning into a large organisation, in particular recent research on the attitudes of the implementation of effective e-learning. It will look at the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning, which may facilitate the successful implementation of future e-learning initiatives within Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. A review of current literature about the benefits and advantages of e-learning shows a definite sustained trait in the consistent use of Internet and computer based learning, workshops and training by companies large and small. The growth of e-learning, as well as the incremental success of e-learning-based programs has been a reflection of the growth of the Internet, computer technology and new web-based applications. E-learning is, in essence, the use of technology to provide guided training for employees, which is often self-guided and maintained through a mixture of stand-alone systems and networked material.

[...] Methods of teaching How e-learning is taught can often be the difference between a positive experience for a business and a disaster. That is why e-learning's relationship with its pedagogical approaches needs to be carefully examined before a program can be rolled out to a business. How the classes are taught often depends on how they are developed and which track the company and its internal and external vendors choose to take. The first step would be to look at the material. [...]

[...] Even the most ardent of e-learning promoters can't see a world without the traditional classroom. Adrian Snook, Deputy CEO & Director of Learning & Development Programmes for the Training Foundation in Coventry, UK, said in a recent article: ?Three years ago the UK technology-based training industry consisted of just 2000 or so people, mainly employed by small companies numbering less than 30 employees. As a result of the explosive growth in this sector e-Learning development skills are now in incredibly short supply. [...]

[...] First, there is the cost of bringing in and hosting training specialists, an expensive gamble for programs of unsure benefit. Second, there is a savings of hard-copied training materials. With e-learning, students can follow and fill out information online and print it at their own discretion. Again, for a program that may or may not catch on with a company, there is little to no waste cost, with unused and ineffective textbooks, handouts and other material taking up space in an office. [...]

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