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The significance of computer literacy in college and in the workforce

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Computer literacy and college education.
  3. The role of computer literacy in the workforce.
  4. Conclusion.

Today's information age has progressed very rapidly that the world is suddenly controlled and overwhelmed by vast innovations ? the most dominant of which are the computers. The device has literally run every single detail of our lives that people are almost obliged to familiarize themselves with the nitty-gritty of the whole computer-age phenomenon. Likewise, the computer technology has hugely implicated the fields of economy and education. More specifically, it has posed its importance in college and workforce success. Hence, measures to promote computer literacy have been done to keep up with the pace of the present day affairs. By definition, computer literacy is "an understanding of computer characteristics, capabilities, and applications, as well as an ability to implement this knowledge in the skillful, productive use of computer applications suitable to individual roles in society" (as cited in Smith & Necessary, 1996). This paper probes on the connection of computer literacy on college education and workforce.

[...] Moreover, ?workers in managerial and professional specialties, as well as technical, sales, and administrative support, are the most active users of the Internet and e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets and databases, and calendar and scheduling? Nation Online?). With these many applications, one really has to be computer literate in order to maximize these functions in the workplace. Nevertheless, benefits of computer literacy do not just stop from its vast applications. A study by Dolton & Pelkonen (2007) has found out that the of particular distinct IT skills (such as) word-processing, email and programming give a clear and significant wage return?. [...]

[...] Fourth, computer literacy is already incorporated in most of the college curricula, if not the entire degree itself. For instance, Zeszotarski mentioned in ERIC Digest that a certain class subject in a university, grades the participation of the student through their use of e-mail and Netscape for their group and individual assignment. Another example, Florence-Darlington Technical College in South Carolina, a freshmen composition course incorporates technical skills in humanities instruction in order to ensure that students acquire written communication skills? (as cited in Zeszotarski). [...]

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