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Towards effective management of pupils/students feeding in a boarding school: issues and strategies

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  1. Nature of boarding school
  2. Management concept as applicable in a boarding school
  3. Issues in pupils/students' feeding in a boarding school
    1. Inadequate food
    2. Poor quality food
    3. Irrelevancy of food to pupils/students' needs
    4. Lateness of food
    5. Preparation of food in an unhygienic environment
    6. Lack of/inadequate supervision of pupils/students during feeding process
    7. Late arrival of pupils/students to dining hall/refectory
    8. Feeding of pupils/students requiring special diet
    9. Feeding of pupils/students on labour and special assignments
    10. Feeding of pupils/students on fasting
  4. Strategies for effective management of pupils/students' feeding in a boarding school

One of the sensitive areas in a boarding school administration is the feeding of pupils/students. Although many advantages accrue to boarding over day school, some parents/guardians are still skeptical of enrolling their children in a boarding school because of the issue of inadequate and inappropriate feeding. In this paper, issues, bordering on the feeding of pupils/students in a boarding school, such as: inadequate food, poor quality food, irrelevancy of food vis a vis the pupils/students' needs, lateness of food, preparation of food in an unhygienic environment, and late arrival of pupils/students to dining hall/refectory are examined. To improve the status of feeding of pupils/students in a boarding school, rekindle the hope of parents/guardians in it, as well as increase its patronage, timely preparation of food, preparation of adequate food relative to students' population, proper monitoring and supervision of food when it is prepared, and pupils/students eating in dining hall by the boarding house officials, as well as staff on duty, are recommended.

[...] Boarding school management should ensure a balance of energy intake, vitamins, and foods that can guarantee proper students' growth and development. A menu time table, containing balanced diet and relevant to students' needs should be prepared and strictly enforced by the cooks and boarding house officials. The idea of cooking only the available foods for students, which may give room for repeating the same kinds of food for students often, should be avoided. It is also important that food should be prepared and be ready for students few minutes before the scheduled time. [...]

[...] Food prepared in an unhygienic environment and by dirty cooks, can be contaminated by disease causing micro-organisms, which when eaten by pupils/students, can cause ailments, such as stomach upset, diarrhea, and rashes, among others or result to epidemic which can send wrong signal to people outside. If this is not properly managed, it can result to dropping out of many pupils/students and de-population of school. Lack of/Inadequate Supervision of Pupils/Students during Feeding Process: The role of supervision in an organization cannot be overemphasized. It gives room for orderliness and coordination in an organization. In the course of feeding, pupils/students need to be appropriately supervised and monitored. [...]

[...] Many among these pupils/students are from uneducated/illiterate homes that are bound to display the level of their ignorance of how to use spoon, fork while eating. This category of pupils/students' needs to be corrected by teachers present within the dining hall/refectory while eating. Aside this, it is very germane for pupils/students to pray before eating and after. Pupils/students may want to evade this important step if no teacher is around with them. The presence of teacher(s) with pupils/students while eating will thus ensure that they comply with this norm. [...]

[...] Examination of these issues and ways to tackle them, such as the preparation of food on time, preparation of adequate food relative to students' population, adequate supervision of food preparation and pupils/students eating in the dining hall by the boarding house officials, as well as staff on duty, among others, were also discussed in this paper. It is hopeful that the adoption of these strategies by boarding schools managers will give room for improved feeding and ensure the achievement of the purposes of boarding system, and ultimately ensure improved boarding school management, for improved academic and other objectives in the schools. References Adeleke, A (2001). Management concepts and application. Lagos: Nigeria: Concept publications Limited Afolabi, F.O. (1998). Basic concepts in school administration and supervision. Ondo, Nigeria: Patrick Ade Press Black, R.E., Morris, S.S. [...]

[...] All the resources have to be effectively managed to achieve the stated goals. The management of the resources however involves the carrying out of the management functions earlier listed. Issues in Pupils/Students' Feeding in a Boarding School Many issues relating to the feeding of pupils/students can be noticed in boarding schools, such as: Inadequate Food: In a boarding school, students must be provided food because they are kept away from their parents/guardians. Food is essential to man because it provides energy needed to carry out the daily activities. [...]

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