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Affects Of teaching techniques & styles on student learning

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  1. Abstract.
  2. The affects of teaching techniques & styles on student learning.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Statement of the problem.
    3. Purpose.
    4. Focus and intent.
    5. Situation to self.
    6. Guiding questions.
    7. Discussion of literature.
  3. Research process and methodology.
    1. Relationship to research genre.
    2. Participants.
    3. Site / Case selection.
    4. Data collection process and methodology.
  4. Data analysis and presentation.
    1. Data analysis procedures.
    2. Validity issues.
    3. Potential threats.
    4. Limitations of the study.
    5. Ethical Issues.
  5. Importance and significance of the study.
    1. Causative analysis.
    2. Goals and expectations.
    3. Expected outcomes.
    4. Importance and significance.
  6. Time schedule and budget.
    1. Calendar plan.
    2. Budget.
    3. Discussion.

This project endeavors to reveal, present and discuss the idea that a wide and various array of teaching techniques proves effective in improving the functionality of instructors as tertiary educators. It emphasizes the central role of varied communication in the teaching process and covers the important skill set that is required to teach effectively. A brief discussion is included of some of the most important pedagogical issues. This project demonstrates the effect of the styles and techniques instructors must learn in order to have a strong impact on the student learning experience.

[...] The survey originally asked the participants to answer on the teaching styles and techniques of the researcher as their previous instructor and will be expanded outwardly to answers based on esteemed colleagues that the researcher is acquainted with or has knowledge of. The students will again be asked to answer their questions according to the level of degree whether they agree or do not agree with a statement in a question. The scale used has four measurements: Very Important, Important, Not Applicable, and Not Important. [...]

[...] Retrieved December from The Regents of the University of California Web Site: Appendix A Teaching Techniques & Styles (Survey) TEACHING TECHNIQUES & STYLES Survey SCALE Question Very Impt. NA Not Importan Impt. t I set high standards for students in this class What I say and do are appropriate ways for students to think about issues in the subject. My teaching goals and methods address a variety of student learning styles. Sharing my knowledge and expertise with students is very important to you. [...]

[...] where the qualitative research aims to gather an in-depth understanding of the effectiveness of teaching styles and techniques by examining teaching behavior in smaller but focused samples rather than large random samples (Merchant & Willis, 2001). Works Cited Davis, B. G. (1999). Motivating Students. Retrieved November from Tools for Teaching, University of California Berkeley Web Site: tiv.htm Darlington, Y., & Scott, D. (2002). Qualitative Research in Practice : Stories from the Field Crows Nest, N.S.W.: Allen & Unwin. Retrieved August from Questia database: Fair or Foul? [...]

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