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Inclusion: Should general education and special education students share a classroom?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Increasing access to general education for adolescents with disabilities
  3. Combining general education students and special education students
    1. The students lacking knowledge in regards to disabilities
  4. Institutes that have been combining these students
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

?In special education there is a presumption that student success occurs most effectively and efficiently when children with disabilities actually receive education services in general education classrooms and are not removed or segregated in separate education classes? (Luster and Durrett, 2003, p. 2). And since the 1997 reauthorization of Public Law 94-192 that states the school district is responsible for ensuring that special education students receive the general education requirements, this presumption can become a possibility (Wischnowski and Salmon and Eaton, 2004). All students deserve the chance to have the same education, regardless of race, sex, or disability. However, that is not always the case.

[...] If a school does combine classes (special and general), then it can look more attractive to a parent of a special education child who will see how your school treats students of that ilk as if they were general education students and will not place a stigma on them saying they are different. To go to a school and know that your child will not be placed somewhere away from the other kids is a great relief. Another problem that was touched on is the students lacking knowledge in regards to disabilities and what a special education student can and cannot do. [...]

[...] This New York school proves that you can integrate LD students with general education students and have positive results. ?People say they're scared [to interact with special education students]? (Copeland et al p. 346). That statement sums up why integration is a necessity in schools. Students should not be afraid to interact with other students. A study was done with six focus groups in six different schools ranging from 1,312 to 2,120 students per group. The students spent time interacting with their disabled peers. [...]

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