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The Creation of a Special Education Graduations Requirements Committee and Creation of Special Education Graduation Requirements Framework with regard to the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System

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  1. Introduction
  2. Problem and history
  3. Problems this reform has caused
  4. Starting the policy making process
  5. Key components to the problem.
  6. Policy attempts
  7. Alternatives to the MCAS currently in place
    1. Performance appeal
    2. Alternative assessment, MCAS-Alt
  8. Policy recommendation
  9. IEP modifications
  10. A proactive solution
  11. Implementation
  12. Arguments
  13. Winning legislative approval
  14. Timetable
  15. Conclusion
  16. Works cited

What does a high school diploma signify? Does it signify mastery of a specific subject set? An ability to succeed in college? An ability to obtain gainful employment? A high school diploma is a nationally accredited document, a document has benefits including, enabling a person to be eligible for federal financial aid and for entry level employment positions.Interestingly enough a high school diploma, although recognized nationally, does not have any national standards. Individual states set the requirements to earn a high school diploma.

[...] It will have a package component and once it is voted on will become its own entity This proposal calls for the creation of a board, a Special Education Graduation Requirements Committee, SEGRC, comprised of approximately ten individual experts to create an educational framework for students with disabilities. It will write guidelines based upon which a high school diploma can be awarded to a student on an IEP. These guidelines will be created using many resources but most importantly the frameworks already in place, the ones upon which the MCAS is based. [...]

[...] During education reform the Massachusetts State Legislature has determined that the competency determination requirement to be successful completion of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System testing,[2] The Department of Education has determined obtaining a score of 220 to be passing, in both the English Language Arts, herein after referred to as and Mathematics, herein after referred to as In 2010 a student will also be required to be proficient in social studies and science. Education is an important de-centralized aspect of government and our society. [...]

[...] In order to change the Special Education Graduation Requirements frameworks 75% of the SEGRC will have to approve the change and 50%+1 of the Board of Education will have to approve the change. This is so the frameworks will not be constantly changing. After five years in place, in order to change the framework the 2/3's of the Massachusetts State Legislature must vote to pass the changes. After the initial two year setup of the frameworks and the SEGRC the SEGRC will no longer be required to report to the Board of Education with monthly updates, but instead the two organizations will be required to meet four times per year. [...]

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