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The Bedroom Wars

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  1. Introduction
  2. The hesitation of the educators in imparting sex education
  3. Kristine Napier: Advocate for Abstinence
  4. The relationship between the decrease in teen pregnancy and abstinence Other advocates for abstinence only programs
  5. Other advocates for abstinence
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

To abstain or not to abstain? Seems like everyone has their own answer to this question. The educational system is doing most of the answering for us. There are two types of proposed programs that are floating around; abstinence-only programs that teach kids that abstinence is the only good choice and a comprehensive sex education, which acknowledges sex as a premarital behavior and provides safety information. Telling kids all the dangers associated with sex and saying the only way to survive is by not having sex is blatantly wrong. It is denying kids information that can save their lives. Sex education needs to encompass every aspect of sexual relationships, acknowledge that people do and will have sex, and provide them with the tools to make informed decisions.

[...] She and other advocates for abstinence-only education, point out valuable statistics for the decline in teen pregnancies. Washington, D.C . In one year, teen pregnancy rates also have dropped, from 20 percent to 1.1 percent.? (Napier). These are very good statistics, where these abstinence-only programs are situated, it looks good when the pregnancy rates drop. a West Coast abstinence program, cut the number of teen pregnancies in the San Marcos, California, school district from nearly 150 a year to just 20.?(Napier) It is hard to refute these claims, and these are good points which are brought up. [...]

[...] In approximately 1880, there was a document translated into the English language that sparked in America, a campaign against venereal disease (Carter, 215). The people felt that the best way to fight venereal disease was by educating the citizens. But there were certain reservations by people in teaching the children about sex. chief danger was always presumed to be that sexual knowledge would somehow transform itself into sexual activity.?(Carter, 216). None the less, by of high schools across America had some form of sex education. [...]

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