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A survey among exchange students living in Belgium

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  1. Introduction
  2. Exchange students enjoy an international experience in Belgium
    1. Positive appreciation of other cultures
    2. Learning foreign languages
    3. Erasmus spirit
  3. How living in Belgium has entailed changes of daily habits
    1. Food habits
    2. Transport
    3. Life style
  4. Belgium's perception of foreign students
    1. Cultural aspects
    2. Language aspect
    3. Integration
  5. Conclusion
  6. Annexes
  7. Bibliography

We have decided to conduct a survey of the exchange Exchange Student living in Belgium? to analyze their living habits. We have decided to focus first on the reaction of foreign students living in Belgium. We have also decided to question other students that had been a part of a foreign exchange in another country. They visited exchange students in Belgium and had been able to observe whether this intercultural experience was unique to Belgium or quite common for exchange students at large. Lastly, we conducted a poll among Belgian students in order to gather their feeling about exchange students living in their country. This perspective permitted us to give more credit and more objective results to our study. The foreign group analyzed constituted of students (mainly from European countries and American countries) studying in the Faculty of Applied Economics of Antwerp. They were between 19 and 25 years old. The main objective of our survey was to draw the characteristics of the foreign students' group in Belgium. How they got along in the country and whether they changed or adjusted their behavior. The underlying objective of the survey was to know whether foreign students enjoyed the intercultural experience in Belgium or not.

[...] North American students are used to have dinner very early in their home countries usually around 5 or whereas in Belgium they had dinner around 7 or later Different eating habits Living in a different country has indeed entailed some changes in term of food. It is especially true for students coming from a different continent. First, they do not find the same products in Grocery stores so that had to adapt their consumption habits (No peanut butter or at least not as good as in Canada, no real bread for French people, less diet products for North American . [...]

[...] 3 - QUESTIONNAIRE (FORMER ERASMUS) We have found interesting to gather the believes of students that have made their Erasmus in a different country and that had lived for a few days in Belgium among Erasmus. Number of polled: 6 POLL Is the life of Erasmus students in Belgium appears very different from your own experience? Why . What is the main specificity for an exchange student living in Belgium ? Do you think they enjoy an intercultural experience? REPRESENTATIVE QUESTIONNAIRES QUESTIONNAIRE (ERASMUS IN BELGIUM) Administered to an American Girl Why have you chosen to make your Erasmus in Belgium? [...]

[...] I - EXCHANGE STUDENTS ENJOY AN INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE IN BELGIUM A - Positive appreciation of other cultures More tolerance displayed Sharing new habits with other students from different nationalities has entailed an ?openness". It can be described as the way "one will look at features from other cultures with sympathy and understanding, and be willing to share in the practices that go with them whenever possible and appropriate" (Paul Verluyten). Foreign students have been confronted with different points of view and opinions. [...]

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