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Yorkmaze: The biggest labyrinth maze in Europe

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When it came to choosing an internship, since I was painfully aware of my poor proficiency in English, I decided to go to England to do my internship. So I planned on seeking a job as a clerk in a retail bank, an investment bank or in an office in London, having some affinity with finance. However, since hearing about Mr. Brown, an English teacher, who facilitates study in England, I applied for the internship under his stead. Though the number of intern positions were limited, I was lucky to bag one of the spots. We could choose an internship in tourism, hotels and restaurants, or in the humanitarian sector - which corresponded to a sector where the proceeds go to charity. I chose to work for a few months at Yorkmaze, the corn maze in York, which, according to adverts, is the largest corn maze in Europe and one of the largest in the world.

My motivation for this internship sprung from the desire to achieve a twofold goal I set for myself: to do an internship according to the requirements imposed by the school to know the status of employees, to understand , to face a situation where I will be at the bottom of the hierarchy, while enjoying the opportunity to improve my English.

After two weeks of language course, I arrived among the other employees, with the ability to understand and communicate with them. I was able to concentrate on the second aspect of these goals. I was able to work while improving my English and deepening my knowledge of other employees. In addition, we were two polytechnic students for an internship in the labyrinth of York, my friend Amine Meksoub shared the placement program with me. Beyond this, this internship afforded me a new experience, discovery of another medium, which enabled me to understand it well enough, and master the English language and gain an understanding of British culture.

The owner of the maze, Tom Pearcy, was originally a farmer in the Milton area, where a corn maze was also present. In order to create a maze, without direct competition with the other in the region (direct competition would surely have finally resulted in a price war, beneficial to neither owners), he decided to migrate to the tourist area of York. From the standpoint of location, it is remarkably well conceived. Indeed, York is a charming English town, with strong historical past (some Roman ruins, the remains of the civilizations of the Vikings, Normans are present to this day).

It has been a tourist town since the nineteenth century. Tom Pearcy decided to buy and rent some fields in the suburbs of York, beginning with a simple and modest maze. The first year there were only about 7,000 tourists. In addition, Tom saw the big picture. He found the original idea of the labyrinth of Milton interesting, but he wanted to do better. Indeed, when visiting it, only the labyrinth was present, no other activity had been proposed annex to the tourists. Mr. Pearcy designed the maze of York as an amusement park.

Tags: Yorkmaze, Tom Pearcy, amusement park

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