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Difficulties graduates encounter and the needs and expectations from companies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Methodology
    1. Target group
    2. Working process and duration
    3. Instruments
  4. Findings and discussion
    1. The support of University to students' job finding
    2. Academic achievement and participations of students in activities beyond training course
    3. Benefits of internship program
    4. What fresh students think they should have to get a good job
    5. Difficulties fresh graduates often face when working
    6. Assessment on university training program
    7. The frequency of receiving fresh graduates and their relation with companies
    8. Criteria when choosing fresh graduates
    9. Fresh graduates' weaknesses
    10. Enterprises' expectations of fresh graduates
  5. Conclusion
  6. Recommendations

Finding a good job one of the biggest concerns of students after graduating. From then, the question of whether graduates from universities could have a suitable job in the future may be far more complicated to be answered. There are many controversial points of view around this issue, and each of them also varies from person to person. Some say that students must take full responsibility when they are not active when finding jobs, or not qualified for jobs, but some insists that the training program of university is the cause when it is not corresponding with the reality. As long as this matter is not solved, it is hard for students to get employed when graduating.
With hope for satisfactory explanations for this matter as well as to give out appropriate recommendations, this research is carried out. There are many differences between training program of universities and requirements of enterprises. During the period of study at university, the students are not equipped enough necessary skills to satisfy the enterprises' requirements.

[...] With hope for more accurate and practical answers, the second main criterion is the school year of researched students. This research focuses on juniors and seniors of Hoa Sen University who at least took one internship period at specific companies. With the real working experience they have got, they can share the inside views and the encountered difficulties as well as the recognized needs and expectations of enterprises they have worked for. Researchers also aim to employees working at some companies in Ho Chi Minh City. [...]

[...] CONCLUSION: During fourteen weeks, the database is collected through questionnaires delivered to students in different majors to ask about the training programs of many Universities are closely or not closely concerned with enterprises' needs and expectations, which causes difficulties to many graduates in finding appropriate jobs and integrating themselves into the real-life working environment. According to the survey's result, most of the students feel difficult to find an appropriate job after graduate. The first main reason is most of them met greatest obstacles in applying learned knowledge from school to work. [...]

[...] In other words, difficulties and problems that these students often meet can represent for the common problems or difficulties of Hoa Sen University students. Moreover, the participation of students in activities such as English clubs, social activities, projects, seminars, etc was also one of researched points. Literally, Hoa Sen University students do not often attend to those activities when only 19% of students informed that participating to those activities is their habit. Among the students with good education result, there is around 10% (4/43students) revealed that they often attend to activities beyond their training course during studying when the others mainly focused on their study. [...]

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