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E-Business and the education sector

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction
  3. Adapting to the changing world
    1. Making the dream come true
    2. The slow conversion
    3. Answering the new curricula needs
  4. Applications and its providers
    1. B2E take part of the universities
    2. Recruiting and applying
    3. Supplier of e-learning
  5. The innovations
    1. Spreading educations
    2. Pure players in higher educations
    3. Use technology strategically not to deteriorate
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Taking MBA classes from home for free is now possible. The London School of Business and Finance has launched a Facebook application that enables any Facebook user to follow videos of professors delivering their courses. This new application is the beginning of a new era for spreading knowledge and education globally.
E-business in higher education is an amazing phenomenon which I appreciate and have taken advantage of. From my home town in France, I am able to follow programs in two American universities at the same time. The ISM program makes it possible to post our assignments on-line, retrieve all the information the professors ask us to acknowledge and read, receive grades and feedbacks, use the on-line library. With the San Diego Community College I don't even attend classes physically; it is a full on-line program. I have electronic textbooks, exercises, quizzes and exams that don't even require Microsoft softwares because everything is filled in on-line. If I need a transcript, I push the transcript button that automatically sends me the grades. This amazing improvement is beneficial for me, but I can't imagine how revolutionary it is for handicapped people who never entertained the possibility of attending classes physically or for people already working two jobs and who would normally never be able to have a flexible schedule to attend classes but still wanted to obtain a degree.

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