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E-learning: A tool to learn, upgrade and regenerate

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  1. Introduction
  2. The need for e-learning
  3. Training comparison chart
  4. Development requirements in areas
  5. Benefits of e-learning
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

A highly competitive global environment, free trade, and constantly changing market needs and wants has created the growing need for highly skilled people in the workplace. This has challenged businesses to look at better ways to improve the efficiency of their human capital. Both private and public organizations are realigning, re-engineering, retooling, redefining, redesigning, rethinking, resizing, retrofitting, repositioning, renewing and reinventing themselves to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding customer base Thus organizations that will not be able to continuously upgrade their competitiveness will be swept from the marketplace. Companies are therefore, under tremendous pressure to enhance the knowledge and the skills of their employees and workers.

[...] Unless the labs are trivial, students will need assistance from time to time, so insist on a program that provides live, expert guidance and facilitation. organization, among others. This is the reason why E-learning in many companies takes a backseat while organizations that do have E-learning fail to get the critical mass in user numbers to sustain the program. Perceived premium cost. Some potential clients are under the impression that e-learning programs are expensive and carry a premium over traditional classroom learning or company mounted in-house seminars. [...]

[...] A live training course will always provide superior presentation when compared to all but the very best e-learning, unless the instructor is a substandard dud. The best way to avoid a substandard presentation is to personally evaluate any proposed instructor(s). An obvious action you can take is to check the knowledge base and communication skills of the scheduled instructor by performing an interview, even if only by phone. Your technical staff can readily determine if the instructor understands the proper focus of the training, the needs of your staff, and the best way to get the information across. [...]

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