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Education: A necessary determination

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  1. Introduction
  2. Excuse for the lack of enthusiasm to learn
  3. Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"
  4. Emotional and physiological aspects of learning
  5. The definition of education
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

The motivation to become well educated can be affected by many factors; however, it is an extremely essential part of everyday life. Becoming cultured and having an education (whether it be liberal or specific), although it might be challenging, is everyone's responsibility as an active citizen of our society. Our government and general civilization are all founded around education and the willingness to put forth effort in order to change something for the better. However, putting forth effort requires motivation and quite frequently a lack of motivation is the key to what is causing the unwillingness to gain knowledge. The lacking of motivation can be cause by a number of things that influence a person's life and can alter depending on what stage of life that person is in. Fortunately we have an answer to many of these issues, even if they all can't be solved by way of informing and explanation.

[...] I believe family values account for tons when it comes to education; to a child, their parents are their idol, and a child will model after them and will and hang on and believe every word they say. I also believe that even if a parent has not attended college he or she can still have a very educationally aware child. Just because a parent might not feel they have been the best example, the parent can still teach the child to value an education and to learn from their mistakes. [...]

[...] (Plato 23) Of course, these days all children are going to school together, but this can also be a parallel to those who move on from high school to college verses those who decided to take a year off and/ or start later in life. If one takes off a year from school, they would be an entire year behind everyone and therefore might feel left behind. The high school to college transition and choices to move on to a higher education is more the issue today, and what we can more closely relate the subject matter to in Plato's passage. [...]

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