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Entrepreneurship development and the education industry

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of education industry
  3. Education industries associations
  4. Education industries associations strategic goals
  5. Introduction to small cap
    1. Advantages of investing in small cap stocks
    2. Disadvantages of investing in small caps
  6. Conclusion

The education industry comprises all businesses and organizations that are primarily concerned with the provision of education. Deemed as a common
channel to communicate with parents by some schools.

The reality is: Mobile penetration is much higher and among the families which do not own or use computeINR, the parents still own a mobile phone. Communicating with parents via SMS is less intrusive while parents still can get updated quickly. They create value for the school, parents and students. Also called, elementary schools, Colleges, Education and Training Industry, College Programs, Child Care Services, Educational Services Industry, UniveINRities, Educational Industry, Training CenteINR, Education Services Industry, Schools, Colleges and UniveINRities, and Secondary Schools.

[...] If you invest in a small company and the company is forced out of business or bought by another company, you will not recoup your investment). Plus, smaller companies often have shorter histories than larger companies, meaning that you may not have all the information you need to make the right investment choice when you invest in small caps. PRESENT AND FUTURE SCENARIO OF THE EDUCATION SECTOR: A place where people are making money in today's world and are contributing to the GDP of our country is [...]

[...] Since the best small cap stocks can sometimes double or even triple in value, small cap does not have to mean small profits for the investor who knows what he or she is doing. Advantages of Investing In Small Cap Stocks These Stocks Can Double In Value. Small cap companies are often started by people with great ideas and lots of enthusiasm and often initial fast growth is very possible, allowing the investor to make lots of money. In many cases, small companies are idea-based. An inventor may create great new software, for example. [...]

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