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Factors influencing academic performance of pupils/students in an educational institution

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  1. Introduction
  2. Concept of academic performance
  3. Factors influencing academic performance of pupils / students
  4. Socio economic background
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Assessment of pupils / students is one of the duties of a teacher, which can be in form of test or examination and aimed at measuring the level of attainment of educational objectives. However, there are three domains of educational objectives: the cognitive, affective and psycho motor. While the cognitive tests the reasoning ability of a child, that is the ability to recall, think, compose, memorize and others, the affective focuses the attitude, feeling, emotion of a child in institution or classroom. The psycho motor assesses the ability of a child to manipulate material object(s).

[...] Summary and Conclusion A major indicator of effective teaching in educational institution is high academic performance of the pupils / students. However, effectiveness of a teacher would dictate the realization of the institution's objectives and ultimately the objectives of education of a nation. In view of the investment of government and parents on the education of a child, nothing short of high academic performance is expected from educational institution. When pupils / students perform better in educational institution, government and parents would be encouraged to invest more on education since an investor always wants profit from his / her investment. [...]

[...] When curricula lack these attributes, much may not be attained in term of academic performance of pupils / students. The success of any school system depends on the extent to which its objectives are achieved. The objectives of educational system are to produce an educated person that can learn and adapt to changing environmental condition. When an educational system teaches wrong thing, this may not be attained and success or good performance in the educational system depends on the attainment of the stated objectives. [...]

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