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Personal teaching philosophy as it relates to teaching special/exceptional needs students

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  1. Introduction
  2. Beliefs about students
  3. Beliefs about knowledge
  4. Beliefs about what is worth knowing
  5. Personal philosophy of education

While expressing the importance of teaching and learning to my students, I will loosely group my students according to the information in their assessment plan. The next step would be to focus on their areas of weakness, in an environment using direct instruction. For my exceptional learners with specific, challenged, or other personal conditions related to his/her disability, I will try to accommodate them in the classroom and welcome them as exceptional learners with regular members of their classroom.

[...] In expressing what is taught by ?your beliefs about what is worth knowing,? truth is or means, if it is taught with recognition and intuition, we could open the understanding of many because our words are powerful at times and what we say, or how we express what we say verbally, are another means of expressing truth by reason. My Personal Philosophy of Education: My personal philosophy of education as it relates to teaching the disabled students is one of equality. [...]

[...] Regardless of disability all students are entitled to the best education possible. I desire to teach students with disabilities and other learning handicaps are strong. As a teacher in this area of education, I will by the grace of God, uphold the teaching, standards, principles, and bylaw. If given the opportunity to teach students with disabilities and learning handicaps, I will use with love, care and compassion my gift. In teaching these students, fairness and equality will be demonstrated amongst each and every student. [...]

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