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Students and project work: Problems and recommendations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Methodology
  4. Findings
    1. Frequency of project work in one semester
    2. Frequency of project work and the number of students carrying out project work
    3. Number of group members
    4. Form of project working
    5. Assessment on project work
    6. Difficulties
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion
  7. Recommendations

Project work, as defined in the website of the Ministry of Education of Singapore, is considered as one learning experience that can help to provide students with opportunity to apply general knowledge of various fields to real life situation. In such attempt, Hoa Sen University has made project work an essential subject for students. On the other hand, although project work is considered as one essential subject, it is a new studying method which is still strange to students when they first come into university. That is why most of students usually have many problems and disorientation when they conduct their project work. This research is hoped to carry out some appropriate solutions and recommendations in order to overcome many common problems in execution of project work.

This report provides all details of the research. Preceded by a thorough review on previous researches on project work and its related issues, the report will then clarify the target group and different phases of execution of the research. Next, the findings of the research will be presented with statistics and brief explanation, which form base for further discussion and recommendations.

[...] CONCLUSION: Some common problems in project work that the majority of students often face are presented and analyzed during fourteen weeks. The database is collected through questionnaires delivered to students in different majors. Those questions are to probe the obstacles which mostly happen in project work. Students are asked to show their feeling about the project work and how they can overcome all of the problems to make a final product. According to the survey's statistic result, most of the students feel difficult to carry out subject project. [...]

[...] Or students have to spend time on ?breaking the between them first, then to start working on project and so on One of the problems that students often face is time management for project meetings. This problem is very common to students especially who are studying in credit educational system. Each student in group has a different schedule from the others, which is very hard to come to a full member meeting in a specific date. That is the reason why there are up to 92% students agreed that ?Time arrangement for project work? is one of the most difficult matters during project work. [...]

[...] Because of that reason, researchers asked students mainly from Faculty of Language and Culture Study, whose doing project is one indispensable part to finish course. In the first year, students were trained to conduct just some main parts of projects. During that time, some theories are shown to let them understand partly what project work is, so the importance of project work in the first year is not fully stressed. They, thus, cannot provide appropriate information for the research, so freshmen were not chosen this time. [...]

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