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The school library media program

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  1. Introduction
  2. The school library media programs's contribution to the educational process
  3. The school library media program in operation
  4. Partnership for a successful school library media program
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

The school library media program encompasses all the resources and activities through which the library media staff translates the mission into reality. A variety of models exists for the successful program. The activities and resources included in the library media program are determined by educational goals and objectives of the school.

Schools, like individuals, have unique characteristics, due to historical circumstances, geography, pupil demographics, teaching and leadership styles, and a host of other factors. Although all school must maintain basic services, local and regional curricula are reflected in program emphases. Specific priorities may change over time within a single school, and they may differ between schools, between districts, and between state systems. In one school, the library media ;program may be strongest in the areas of reading guidance and literature appreciation.

[...] The principal is the responsible for communicating the expectations for the school library media program to all staff and for assuring that the school library media specialist serve as a member of the teaching team. Working together with teachers and the school library media specialists to set clear goals and provide methods of evaluating progress, the principal can facilitate the full integration of the school library media program into the curriculum The Teacher In a resource-based instructional program, the teacher identifies the learning needs of the student and develops teaching units to meet them. [...]

[...] The school library media program provides an abundance of appropriate learning resources in many formats. Critical thinking skills are also fostered when students are provided with opportunities to learn how to locate, analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas. The library media specialist offers frequent, planned activities to instruct students and allow practice in the use of learning resources in varying formats. In the school library media center, teachers and students learn to use new information technologies as teaching and learning tools. [...]

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