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A note on: tunnels and underground structures

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  1. Introduction - Case abstract
  2. Strategic Audit
    1. Current mission
    2. Current objectives
    3. Current strategies
  3. External environment
  4. Internal environment
  5. Strategic alternatives
    1. Continue Related Diversification Strategy via Acquisitions
    2. Expand Retailing Stores in Latin America & Beyond
    3. Introduce New Products in Current Retail Locations
  6. Recommendation
  7. Implementation

This thesis deals with tunnels and underground structures in general. The first part presents the various features and elements common to all tunnels. Then execution of these tunnels is discussed in detail: in soft ground, hard, in trenches covered, sealing, and in improved land. Finally, a particular example say of railway tunnels is presented by considering the equipment used and the geometric characteristics of these tunnels are specified. The example of the Channel Tunnel is discussed in detail.

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