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Adult Migrant English Program

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  1. Introduction
  2. Community projects
  3. The partnership
  4. The philosophy
  5. Conclusion

Community projects aim at making the community a sustainable place for each and every individual. The community project on focus is the Australian Football league that partners with administrators and community volunteers association in support of the differently abled children. AFL program shares a sense of companionship and belonging to the disabled children integrating them and making them feel important as other members of the community (KIM, EHRICH & FICORILL 2012). Similarly, with the help of the Adult Migrant English program, the Australian Football league program for the disabled children have been offering learning, social and recreational opportunities to the children, organizations and family members of the disabled children (SAUNDERS & HICKEY, 2009).

The partnership motivated to the disability program by the Australian Football League. The program is mainly supported by recreational groups and clubs, girl guides or scouts, recreation centers and community, local schools and other sports organizations. The partnership is aiming at developing the differently abled children in realizing their dreams and promoting their personal development. The volunteers and the community partnership assists in creating awareness and spirit that the children are only differently abled and can perform any task as any other ordinary person (WALKER &OXENHAM, 2001). Lastly, the partnership between the different organizations in the implementation has promoted shared resources and ideas, easing the process of program development.

[...] The groups relevant in this program are the parents to the disabled children, community and volunteers. In the case of the AFL football program to the children with disabilities, the Adult Migrant Education programme have to establish a smooth bonding with both the community and the volunteers and other community groups and associations (SAUNDERS & HICKEY, 2009). As a program, it should initiate by having a smooth entry into the community. Adult Migrant English program offers more than five hundred and ten hours sponsored English languages to humanitarian entrants and qualified migrants to assist them establish and learn English language foundation (MARTIN, 1998). [...]

[...] Lastly, the committee should ensure transparency and accountability to motivate another team to partner with them in promoting and implementing the program (SAUNDERS & HICKEY, 2009). References Jackson, E. (1994). Non-language outcomes in the Adult Migrant English Program. Sydney, National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research. Kim, S., Ehrich, J., & Ficorilli, L. (2012). Perceptions of well-being, language proficiency, and employment: investigation of immigrant adult language learners (AMEP)in Australia. International Journal of Intercultural Relations 41-52.AFL Schools, & Australian Football League. (2012). AFL Sport Education. [...]

[...] In collaborative work, differences must be reduced as possible. To overcome differences all the parties involved must avoid making assumption regarding assigned tasks, information should be shared equally between the collaboration organizations. Variously, each group individual should avoid making instant judgment and negative comments before getting official communication for the implementation from the program committee. Lastly, the council should build all the organization strengths and reduce the weakness. Doing so would promote smooth bonding between the collaborating organizations (KIM, EHRICH & FICORILL 2012). [...]

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