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Are company stress management programs effective?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Analysis
    1. Consequences of stress
    2. Stress at work: human cost
    3. Macro-­?economic cost
    4. Micro-­?economic cost
  3. Company case: France Telecom
    1. Observation
    2. Causes
    3. The plan
    4. Results
  4. Conclusion

France has very specific characteristics on stress at work,problems such as suicide are much more frequent than elsewhere. Ironically, France is a country where firms are trying to reduce stress problems. The French case is a good example to study in the current context.The question is:what firms can do and are their stress management program's effective?For answering at this,in a first part(I),we will see the causes and the consequences of the stress at work,secondly(II)the case of France telecom and telecom. More and more in this world where technology is evolving workers are under pressure. Companies make workers be under pressure in order of efficiency and productivity. However it is important not to get confused with pressure and stress.Work pressure is normal and inevitable due tot he professional context.

[...] Le stress au travail en France: état des lieux 2010 Benchmark France 2010, Securex) Job demands: Job demands and turnover can be a source of stress. Negotiate the terms and conditions, talk about salary, times schedule, difficulties of work, do not know if employee's skills are enough good for the tasks; all that things can be a source of stress. Add to the job demands, the fear of turnover or the fear of be replaced makes the employees feel uncomfortable with work context and makes them afraid of future. [...]

[...] There is often an increase in stress when employees feel they are not supported by their managers or colleagues, and when they do not have any control on their work. It is important to do another distinction. Stress, discomfort, pain, and burnout; despite these terms are connected to each others, these have diverse definitions. All of these are physiological and psychological responses to difficulties in life or work. Although the evaluation process of constraints and resources is psychological, as it was already said, the effects of stress can also affect physical health, welfare and productivity. [...]

[...] This is a proof that FT management has to keep making efforts on his stress management program Results Xavier Darcos minister of labor in 2010 thought relatively positive the results of companies mobilization for the stress prevention and estimated useless to create a tax to punish those which are recalcitrant. Since the government actions and union negotiations, experts can notice some amelioration in: Implementing managers training for stress management Evaluation of implementations and action monitoring Helping workers to change their function or workplace Better detection of victims of stress 7. [...]

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