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Boredom: Is there a cure?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The pessimism of Schopenhauer
  3. The work as a remedy
  4. Passion as a remedy
  5. The organization of time as a remedy
  6. Conclusion

Ask yourself this question which is essential when we know that we will be interested in the school boredom. Indeed, many people believe that it is possible that the school is no longer boring. But can it really cure boredom? The authors believe that a cure boredom admits outnumber those who think any solution. Only deep trouble and incurable disease appears as the "ordinary" boredom, he lets himself be overcome more or less easily.

Fatigue job is, of course, but it occupies and entertains. That's why we work so much, indeed, even when we do not need to make a living, or more than is needed, and it is characteristic of today intellectuals perhaps their ridiculous and ultimate luxury, than clinging, once the livelihood assured - in a department or an embassy, a classroom or lecture hall - this additional work that is their real work at this hobby that is not one, this hobby as others say, next to what is all the rest is a waste of time to finally surplus labor is their vocation, that no one thinks to exploit - it only produces works, and not always, and often unmarketable - and that leaves the end of the account and harassed happy, anyway harassed, yes, and happy despite while sometimes.

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