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Case study analysis with respect to Holland’s theory

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  1. Abstract
  2. Case study analysis
  3. Career summary
  4. Case analysis
  5. Conclusions
  6. References

Holland's vocational theory is described, and then the case study set forth as a summary of the subject's educational and career history as well as the subject's vocational family history. The case study is then analyzed using Holland's theory in regard to the subject's personality types and the various jobs she has enjoyed and not enjoyed. Other factors such as religious and family influences are also accounted for. A critique of Holland's original theory in regard to its application to today's career development patterns is discussed as compared to Harvey's conceptual systems theory.

[...] Given that Holland's theory was conceptualized during the 1950's when career success was defined as choosing one vocation and staying with it for the duration of one's working years suggests that the theory could use some revision for the current era, where career changes are common and not considered a failure in career development (Niles & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2009). A derivation of the Holland types, called conceptual systems, could be a useful adaptation of Holland's theory that fits better with modern career development. [...]

[...] Therefore, according the Harvey's theory, the subject's variety of interests is a strength, while Holland would describe it as a roadblock to vocational development. While Holland's theory and assessments are a good basis for vocational personality typing and vocational exploration, it may be overly simplistic for modern career development as it exists fifty years after its conception. Harvey and others, while recognizing the value of Holland's types, can perhaps build upon them and update the concepts to apply to the changing world of work. [...]

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