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The concepts of accelerated learning and mind-body enhancements

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  1. Ivan Barzakov's Superlearning, from Bulgaria to America
  2. Learning and memory in a state of intoxication
  3. Tony Robbins' suggestion
  4. Dr. Lloyd Silverman's and Dr. Rose Bryant-Tucker's discovery
  5. Teri Mahaney's contribution to Dr. Silverman's learning affirmation
  6. Relaxing
  7. Other techniques for optimal learning
  8. Underutilization of the body generating inner stress
  9. Baroque music and relaxation
  10. Hypermnesia
  11. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and music
  12. Bach and The Goldberg Variations
  13. Holophonic
  14. Sacred geometry and Hermetic philosophy
  15. Musical key, hypnotherapy and Superlearning program
  16. Alfred Tomatis and the human ear
  17. Bird song
  18. The Superlearning active concert
  19. Mind map
  20. Act as if, and you will become
  21. Dr. Ernest Rossi's use of the left/right nostril breathing cycles
  22. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) magnetic or electric fields
  23. The eight steps for training professional athletes by Dr. Raymond Abrezol
  24. Four steps for attaining an optimal Superlearning state
  25. Exercises

How did Bulgarian Ivan Barzakov bring the roots of Superlearning to America?

Answer: Ivan Barzakov wanted to escape the yoke of the Communist oppression in Bulgaria and go to America. This entailed swimming for seven miles in the open, cold, shark-infested waters of the Adriatic sea and onto the marshy Yugoslavian coast and from there crossed the border to end up in a refugee camp in Italy. This dangerous journey started on a September 10, 1976 and the fact that he suffered from asthma did not deter him from accomplishing his goal of freedom. Another goal of his was to convey what he had learned under the Bulgarian M.D. Georgi Lozanov, who had developed a new method of accelerated language learning and memory that later became the origin of all Western Superlearning systems. He felt that the pursuit of discovering and enhancing human potential for learning and hence, using our untapped powers and capabilities could only be realized in the free reign of democracy in the West, particularly in the US.

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