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Emerging Technology in Diabetes Care; Real-Time Diabetes Monitoring System

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  1. Introduction
  2. Emerging Technology
  3. Diabetes Care
  4. Monitoring System
  5. Conclusion

The management of type 1 diabetes has evolved and with the new technology, it's easier and cheaper. Monitoring has been made easier with the caregivers getting the new technology. The Real Time Diabetes Monitoring System which has come to supplement the existing technology as well as improving diabetes management and the monitoring of patients.

The treatment of type 1 diabetes requires frequent exchange of data between the caregivers and the physicians. An effective communication between the two ends is vital to monitor the progress of the patients (Vora & Buse, 2012).. The use of the pediatric diabetes education portal has been successful but not as efficient. However, there was an improvement in that the users of the website reported a significant improve in the Hemoglobin A1c when compared to the non users.
The process was cumbersome it involved the caregivers to manually upload scanned copies of their blood sugar readings for review at a later time. Nevertheless, a significant amount of data captured by the glucometer was never transferred to the physicians for final analysis and review. To solve that hitch, a new technology has been developed known as Real Time Diabetes Monitoring Systems (RT-DMS) that was integrated with the PDEP. ( Hanas, 2005)

[...] The IT enabled diabetes management systems have the potential to improve the care process, save the health care costs and also delay all the complications caused by improper management of diabetes. ( Hanas, 2005) The study showed that even with the advanced technology, the some care givers always neglect the recommendations. The result is over 58% of the patients having an A1C > and an average of over 15% having > The research concluded that the use of IT based systems for type 1 diabetes management improves the care process. [...]

[...] There are several other mobile applications that are currently being used to support diabetes management, Medtronic Carelink system is one of them. It allows the patients to upload their glucometer readings and insulin pumps to a centralized database on the internet where the physicians download the data for analysis. The system however has its hitches one being that it does not notify the patient when the results are ready. Instead, the patient has to click and request for a feed back. [...]

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