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“La Femme Provocateur”: The impact of the sexualized female image on adolescent females

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  1. Introduction.
  2. La Femme Provocateur
  3. Gender Roles
  4. Visible Effects of the 'Femme Provocateur' in Society
  5. Early sex rates
  6. Adolescent Effects and self esteem
  7. Previous educational based studies
  8. Research question
  9. 'The Way to Be' and related activities
  10. Timeline for spring term
  11. Conclusion
  12. References
  13. Appendix

Learning what it is to be a woman in today's society could be the largest mountain any female has to cross. Adolescent females are suffocated with an uncountable number of media images that tell them how to look, what to eat, how to develop relationships with men, and more. These images are often saturated with ideals of an unobtainable female self, known as ?la femme provocateur.? Unsurprisingly, these images can prove to be damaging to the self esteem and body image of an adolescent girl who is already facing the trials of puberty and growing up, as it is undeniable that the role of the media and relationship with bodies can not be overlooked (Cash et al., 2004). With all of this damage being done, can - and how do we stop it from going to far? Previous studies have shown that in some cases, education can be the number one preventative measure. Little research has been conducted to explore this though, especially in the case of adolescent females, and therefore, one must ask can you raise the self esteem and body image of adolescent girls through media education implementation? This study hopes to explore the correlation between media and the self esteem and self perception of the adolescent female.

[...] Electronic submission of this form and supporting documents should be made to the HRRC committee via email by mailing to A signed paper copy of this form should be submitted by regular mail once the review is completed and any amendments have been incorporated. When possible, please submit all your supporting documents along with this form in a single electronic file. Principal Investigator and/or faculty advisor: Jennifer A. Witkowski Department: Speech Communication Date Submitted: February Project Title: Review of this project is requested on which basis: Regular review. [...]

[...] This study hopes to break into this area of research, and provide a basis for other studies to branch out into the exploration of the effects of the sexualized female image on adolescent females. References Anton, S. D., Perri, M.G.,& Riley, J.R. (2000). Discrepancy between actual and ideal body image: Impact on eating and exercise behaviors. Eating Behaviors, 153- 160. Cash, T. F., Theriault, J., & Annis, N. M. (2004). Body image in an interpersonal context: Adult attachment, fear of intimacy, and social anxiety. [...]

[...] We do not seem to pay attention to what we are pushing constantly onto the younger generation, as we feed them advertisements and messages about sex and objectification, sex and alcohol, sex and beauty and in addition do little to empower them in their sexual decision making, or make much effort to understand the processing of sexual images (Rouner et al., 2003) such as the ?femme provocateur.? Adolescent Effects and Self Esteem Though these images of the ?femme provocateur? are complex and reach all ages, races, and creeds, the persons that they impact most are young adolescent girls. [...]

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