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Late adulthood and death

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  1. Introduction
  2. Late adulthood
  3. Death
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusion

When an individual is heaved into this world they begin with nothing at all as pertaining to knowledge and experience. The individuals that are raising the child and anyone who comes into contact with them provide the stimuli that allow the infant to progress and learn the skills needed for the life ahead. The human being will continue to grow both physically and emotional onward through there middle childhood, adolescent, early and middle adulthood (Berger, 2008). When it comes to the point in an individual's life span that they have entered into late adulthood, what is to happen now for those individuals and what can be expected?

The experiences of an individual's life, both positive and negative, will shape that person's life and will be easily seen in late adulthood. As a human being advances through life everything from hygiene to how they treat others will be the setup for the stage of late adulthood.

Take for example an individual that is very judgmental and socially aggravated. This person has much anger toward others due to the fact that throughout life that individual never learned to properly deal with their emotions. In this individual late life they will most likely be very unhappy, regretful, and lonely because of the stage that they set for themselves throughout their earlier periods of life. To accomplish the feeling of integrity will mean that one is completely tolerating their self, to include both positive and negative happenings, and accepting their transience (biomedcentral, 2007).

[...] This believes greatly affect the ultimate outlook to be ether positive or negative. The culture differences are seen everywhere and for the most part hold great weight on the individual's within that particular society. There are some ethnicities that see death as being a normal day to day business. To the point of grieving even before one has died. There are multitudes of ways people show their morning for loved ones. Some cultures wear the clothing of the dead, have a holiday in remembrance, give money or jewels, and even pray to the god that they believe have taken them. [...]

[...] This is due to the fact that during our entire life span before this all these systems of our bodies were running at 100 percent but now the systems are becoming worn out and slowly fading. Our heart, lungs, sense of touch, and even memory has been used for so long that they just beginning to slow down but it must be understood that this is the course that all living things take. One of the hardest aspects that one must endure during the late adulthood stage of life is the mental frustration. For an individual's entire life they were always looking and planning for the future. [...]

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