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Position Paper: PAWA

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When looking at PAWA, I've come to the conclusion that the legislation is a positive for the public and generates a public good. PAWA should be supported because it helps to keep workers in high risk situations safe, it helps to preserve the environment and keep it clean for the long term, it helps to stimulate the economy, and it punishes businesses that don't follow the prescribed regulation.

This legislation directly benefits low wage high risk workers, such as immigrants, who are working in dangerous conditions. Now, instead of worrying about losing their jobs and being replaced, these workers can instead focus on their jobs and producing at an optimal level.
Previously, if these workers got hurt, they would be quickly replaced by their employers without any compensation. Now, these workers are protected by the federal government and their employers are forced to adhere to PAWA regulation or face stiff fines. PAWA helps to stimulate the economy because workers will be confident in their ability to have a steady job and to keep wages coming in.

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