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Psychological issue of addiction

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  1. Introduction
  2. Psychological issue of addiction
  3. Drug addiction
  4. Chris Herren
  5. Conclusion

Humans are affected by multiple factors everyday. Psychological issues are prevalent in many people's everyday life. They vary between each person. Chris Herren is an example of someone dealing with psychological issues. It is illustrated in the documentary about him. The movie, Unguarded, reveals the psychological issue of addiction through Chris Herren.

Addiction is a psychological issue that has a specific definition. It is defined as a condition that may occur two ways. The movie is focusing on alcohol and drug addiction. In this form of addiction consumption of a substance is identified. (McMurran) The user of the substance finds pleasure in the substance. It comes to a point where they display a dependence on the substance. After multiple ingestion it begins to interfere with the personal life of the user. (Nakken)

There are multiple causes of drug addiction. The environment that surrounds an individual has an impact on the addiction. It may also encourage the initial drug use. Environmental factors may include family and peers. If they identify the behavior as normal so will the user. (Washton and Boundy ) Another cause of drug or alcohol addiction could be genetics. (Washton and Boundy ) Certain traits of addiction may be inherited. (McMurran)

[...] This seemed to fuel his addiction. In addition to this, he was dealing with a highly addictive drug. There are a wide variety of troubles that may result from drug addiction. Health troubles may arise from drug addiction. These health problems may be physical or mental. (McMurran) Other problems that someone that is addicted to drugs may encounter include diseases, car accidents, suicide, family problems, work issues, school problems, legal issues, or financial problems. If someone overdoses on certain drugs they can go into a coma, become unconscious, or even die. [...]

[...] (Washton and Boundy ) Other psychological factors such as depression, attention- deficit disorder, hyperactivity disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder contribute to addiction. (McMurran) It may also be noted that some drugs are more addictive than others. The cause of Chris' drug addiction is evident. The initial drug use was because of peer pressure. His college roomate was participating in drug use. Once Chris arrived he was also pressured into using the same drug. As time went on he found drugs everywhere. [...]

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