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Psychology case study assignment

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  1. Description of the condition
  2. Prevention, intervention and treatment plan

Timothy is a 12 year old boy. Timothy's parents had indicated that their son tends to be overactive and at times pays little attention to whatever that he does. In addition to this Timothy is said to normally forget whatever he is told to do. Moreover he at times end up breaking things in the house especially glasses when he carries them.

[...] In the case that is being analyzed the condition had already started becoming uncontrollable since Timothy can longer concentrated on a single tasks or conversation for more than ten minutes. At times Timothy finds himself leaving the tasks he is dong before it is complete or even jumping into giving answers even before the question is finished. This is in addition to interrupting others during a conversation. In the Timothy case, the condition is already affecting three aspects of his day to day life. [...]

[...] This has greatly interfered with his performance in Class. Due to the fact that the disorder has started interfering with several aspects of Timothy's life, it may have very far reaching implications on his life if the disorder is not checked and corrected. His inability to form lasting relationship with others or be able to have friends may affect the way he lives. This may drive him into seclusion .The result of this is that Timothy may be involved in drugs as a replacement for the relationship that he may lack in future. [...]

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