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A review of literature about stress management

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  1. Introduction
  2. Concept and sources of stress
    1. Stress: A complicated term
    2. Multiple sources of stress
  3. Symptoms of stress depend on people
    1. Physiological and psychological stress: two related notions
    2. Stress impacts our performance
    3. Effects of stress have to be put in perspective
  4. The main strategies for managing stress better
    1. Alter the stressor
    2. Better adapt to stressors
  5. Conclusion

Competitiveness in all sectors is increasing because of the global financial crisis and globalization. The demands of work are ever increasing and organizations are expecting people will do more and more with less and less. All employees are now under pressure and stress as they have to achieve results rapidly and efficiently (Baldwin 2008).Furthermore, stress is an inevitable part of being alive and everybody is sure to encounter stress. We are daily confronted with stressful situations in our relationships, when we move to a new place, when we experiment with new things etc (Montgomery 1984).

I generally suffer from stress when I am not sure about something I care about, especially during exams or internship and it prevents me from being totally efficient. I am also really anxious when I begin new activities. I chose this subject in order to learn factors of stress and how I can thrive on it.
In addition, in an average lifetime the average employee loses one and a half years from work because of stress-induced illness (Coleman 1988). As I would like to start my career by having a job as a product manager, I will have to manage people. Then, it is important to me to be prepared to help others to deal with stress.

The first part of this report will deal with the nature of stress and its impact on the mental and physical health of people. In the second part, the review of literature will provide different strategies for improving our ability to deal with stressful situations.

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