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Alcohol dependence (Alcoholism)

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  1. Alcoholism as an addiction.
  2. Profile of an alcoholic.
  3. Alcoholism as a disease that affects everyone.
  4. Cultural issue.
  5. Treatments.
    1. Self-led, social support of other recovering alcoholics.
    2. In-patient treatment centers.
    3. Specific Russian treatment.
    4. Alternative medicines.
    5. Pharmacology.
  6. Church's response.
  7. Practical implications.
  8. References.

The DSM IV refer to the terms "addiction", "dependence" and "alcoholism" interchangeably to mean individuals who have impaired control or dependence over drug use, and continue to behave in a manner which may previously have caused problems for the individual. The relationship with the drug is paramount for the user in all kinds of situations. Psychologically, the individual is obsessed with the drug and generate a compulsion to drink. Physiologically the neuro-chemical action takes over the rationale brain action (American Psychiatric Association 1994)

[...] Children who grow up with alcoholic parents are most likely to turn to alcohol for the same reasons (Al-Anon 2005). These grave consequences of alcoholism have motivated the society's gatekeepers to resolve the disease from spreading and disturbing social norms. Two famous groups have formed namely Alcoholic Anonymous and Al- Anon derived from AA. Both organizations are voluntary organizations formed with the aim to support individuals who want to stop drinking. Given the proliferation of alcoholism from a very young age, a sister concern of Al- Anon has formed Alateen for youngsters with the same problem. [...]

[...] Lancet i:1435?1439 Alcohol Alert (October 2000). New Advances in Alcoholism Treatment. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism No Walsh, N.P.(October 26, 2003). Russia's child alcoholics get their own clinic. The Observer. Accessed on 1-9-2005 available at:,6903,1071181,00.html Author not available, (2005). Russia: alcohol yesterday and today, Society for the Study of Addiction 146?149 American Psychiatric Association. (1994). Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed.) (DSM-IV). Washington, D.C.: APA. Author not available, (2001). Medical Council on Alcohol. Alcohol and Alcoholism Vol No pp. [...]

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