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An investigation into positive behavior management strategies in the classroom

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The idea of using self-assessment technique as a behavior management strategy.
    1. First appearance of behavioral self-assessment.
    2. Self-assessment programmes.
    3. Little evidence that self-monitoring and self-assessment strategies have been widely investigated.
    4. Research for social management or social engineering.
  3. The method of 'action research'.
  4. Research design.
  5. Self-assessment indicative line.
  6. The data generated in the final phase of the research.
  7. The present research.
  8. Conclusion.
  9. Bibliography.

Behavior management strategies have been always seen by both theorists and practitioners as an essential part of educational process since they aim to establish pupils' self-discipline and promoting their achievement and positive behavior. This suggests that teacher efficiency, academic attainment, and pupils' behavior are directly linked to the models of successful classroom management. The aim of this paper is to create a body of knowledge for small scale research in the field of behavior management strategies used by FE teachers with 14-16 year old vocational students at Merry Gate College. The students are inclined to show a high frequency of disruptive behavior. As in many areas of educational research the field of behavior management is full of controversy, which is directly connected to the debate about effectiveness of various strategies. The research revealed that these debates are not limited to simple accounts of existing tactics, but also include psychological analysis of learners' behavior in the classroom extending to their general development and to the very description of educational aims in this area.

[...] It is hoped that this study has provided a basis for further investigation in the area of behavior self- assessment that would suggest a more in-depth look into the methods of dealing with students' disruptive behavior as well as into the ways of encouraging students to take responsibility for their behavior . BIBLIOGRAPHY Black, P. and Wiliam, D. (1998) Inside the black box: Raising standard through classroom assessment. London: King's College School. Bogden, R.and Biklen, S. (1992) Qualitative Research for Education. [...]

[...] The research has found that self-assessment strategies increase on-task behavior , decrease inappropriate classroom behavior s and improve academic performance in creative writing (ibid). The follow-on study has attempted to carry out a detailed analysis of previous research in this field with the purpose of creating a sound basis for conducting a small-scale practitioner research regarding the effectiveness of self-assessment approach on students' behavior . Concerning methodology, the study has taken a general approach of an ?action research?, as the ultimate aim of the study was to suggest effective practical recommendations for educational practitioners. [...]

[...] (1973) Behavior al Self-control of On-task in an Elementary Classroom. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, Vol.6, pp.105-113. Guba, E. and Lincoln, Y. (1989). Fourth Generation Evaluation. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Herbert, M. (1990) Planning a Research Project. London: Cassell Holliday, A. (2002). Doing and Writing up Qualitative research. London: Sage. Lewin, K. (1946) cited in Smith M.K. (2001) Action research, The Encyclopedia of Informal Education, actres.htm (Accessed on December 24, 2006) Macionis, J. and Plummer, K. (1998) Sociology: a Global Introduction. [...]

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