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Bales' Interaction Process Analysis

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  1. Bales' chart and Employee's promotion in the workplace
  2. Interest of this use
    1. Advantages of this system
    2. Problems

A personality test aims to describe the diverse aspects of a person's character. The best way to use these kinds of test results is by looking for strengths and identifying weaknesses of a person. It permits to identify with precision the specific characters of the professional behavior. Today, there are about a hundred tests which evaluate many aptitudes and human performances. Some are individual tests, where people have to answer questions about different situations. However, companies can use group personality tests, such as the Bales' one. This test is explained in the article about Robert Freed Bales' test that was published in Harvard Gazette. Bales' main work focused on a fundamental topic in social psychology, namely the nature of interpersonal interaction in small groups. We attempt to answer questions like whether Bales' chart is efficient in a workplace and necessary to companies. Through a summary concerning Bales' chart, we will discover the features of this tool. We will also see one of the many uses of this chart, in times of the promotion process in a company. We will evaluate in the second part the reasons for which companies use this chart in order to select candidates. The weaknesses of the system will be studied at the end of the report.

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