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Beyond words and content based systems: Towards a psychologically creative social culture

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Part 1.
    1. Psychology and the false implications of the scientific revolution.
    2. Overcompensating for anxiety and insecurity.
    3. The question of Jungian psychology and engagement with social culture.
  3. Part 2.
    1. Creativity in music with music being an example of expressing.
    2. The conscious awareness of the psyches fantasies and the psyche's snake like movements.
    3. Has music been neglected by the present day Jungian world?
    4. Musicians like The Corrs and Katie Melua.
  4. Conclusion.

This essay is concerned with phenomena that comes within the domain of psychology. We will emphasize areas of psychology that are healthy. Hence it will be argued that for many people words (and content orientated systems) are inadequate for expressing life ? yet unfortunately ? they have been the dominant force since the scientific revolution. We will therefore articulate a post-Jungian perspective on the psyche that maintains Jung's emphasis on psychic energy but dispenses with archetype and archetypal altogether. We will argue that music, in particular, is an effective way of expressing psychic energy. It should also be noted that when we refer to music therapy we are not so much meaning the analytic setting. We are referring to a beyond the consulting room therapy. Hence we are enabling those who are neurotically conflicted or mild to moderate anxiety sufferers or who are psychologically in-secure. If this smacks of self-help then it is argued that the psychology being outlined here is the result of intense engagement with established Jungian psychology and is therefore not the essay equivalent of a popular psychology book. Moreover, music cannot be everything. Our basic (or general) psychology is as follows? people are whacky, kinky.

[...] Remember that the claim in this essay is that we are always trying to express psychic energy within us, assuming that we are not neurotically repressing it, and that we need to do this consistent with social culture for health. Likewise ordinary lay-people often overcompensate for anxiety and insecurity by fastening onto hardened dogmatic certainties. This is (as said) bad psychology. We see it in fanatics (Hitler is the admittedly obvious example but there are many Hitler types) The healthy person doesn't literalize in such a way. [...]

[...] Samuels explains that for Jung, there is a tendency in human beings to ?construct and create an image of the mother with the various faculties that maternal fertility goddesses have [ e.g ] that she can create life and nurture you and protect you and on the other hand, she can kill you off [hence become she-demon. [ ] Underneath these maternal goddesses [ ] that either nurture you or destroy you, there's something else. There's something that causes these images and those motifs to happen in the first place. [...]

[...] Hence it is a psychologically creative social culture that is endorsed in this essay. The challenges are to discover a conducive creative culture and to express ones own psyche in a consciously aware way as opposed to repressing the snake like movements of it. One needs to be consciously aware of their fantasies. We cannot have a healthy wordy explanatory (content-based) system. As Andrea Corr says, on their own ?words are such an inadequate form of expression Conclusion The material scientific revolution persuaded too many people (albeit far from all) whose psychological type is not suited to it to embrace it. [...]

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