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Community health needs assessment

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  1. Identifying the team and its resources
  2. Creating a timeline and work plan
  3. Selecting priorities
  4. Implementation strategy
  5. Monitoring progress and evaluating results

Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) are a vital tool in identifying the most prioritized health needs of a community and aligning the required resources and partners to address this needs(Judith & Chere, 2013). A well-structured CHNAs will provide very valuable data to direct resources towards population that are at a high risk of health problems, inform patients' engagement activities, identify opportunities to enhance care delivery and direct the overall strategic planning(CADH, 2013). In this webinar, CHNA we discussed how to identify the team and resources for your CHNAs, creating a timeline and work plan, selecting priorities in Community Health Assessment Needs, the planning, implementation and strategy, and finally monitoring the progress of the CHNAs project.

[...] New York: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Julius, G., & Bird, C. M. (2015). Community Health Need Assesment. HPOE Live Webinars,15(3), 32-40. [...]

[...] The first step involved incaring out a Community Health Needs Assessmentis to establish a comprehensive core team. It is often critical for one to establish a collaboration between hospital personnel and health department officials. The team is mostly responsible for high level oversight and planning, decision making, completing the daily assignment and adhering to the stipulated time line(Julius & Bird, 2015). After establishment of the core team that will be involved in your CHNAs, it is important to assign specific roles and responsibilities to every team member. [...]

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