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Confusions of concepts with the first pregnancy in three languages

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  1. French language
  2. English
  3. Arabic language
  4. Synonyms for the attributes of the women at the age of reproduction in the Arabic world

This document will review the concepts relating to conception, pregnancy and childbirth. We will dedicate a section to the contribution of language that makes it possible to describe the pregnant woman. The purpose of this article is to track down the adequate and concise concept of pregnancy in three languages, and to track down a number of meanings common to a single term, in French as well as in Arabic. A number of confusions arise with the use of this concept. In French the term " primigeste " seems to be exclusively used in the medical and obstetric domain under the shape of consisted name "primi-gesture". This is why which we opted to review every root, so as to clarify their meaning and bound the term to the appropriate custom.

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