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Creative psychology

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Jung and romanticism.
    1. Jung's insistence that he was scientific.
    2. Jung's autobiography.
    3. The Romantic Philosophers who influenced the ideas of analytical psychology
    4. Arthur Schopenhauer - a favorite of Jung's.
    5. Jung's regard for suffering as only one important area of life.
  3. Jung and UFO's.
    1. Outlining Jung's work on the psychology of UFO's.
    2. The UFO phenomena for Jung.
  4. Music therapy.
    1. The echoes of Katie Melua in Andrea's sentiment.
    2. Are creative activities like writing and singing enough?
    3. The Corrs and Katie Melua.
  5. Conclusion.

In this essay we discuss some selective creative areas of psychology; of interest to Depth Psychology. Part 1 discusses the influence of romanticism on the famous 20th century psychologist, Carl Jung. Part 2 discusses Jung's psychological perspective on the UFO phenomenon. Finally in part 3 we discuss music therapy.Jung always insisted that he was scientific.1 Douglas explains that ?Jung's university teachers held an almost religious belief in the possibilities of positivistic science and faith in the scientific method. Positivism [?] focused on the power of reason, experimental science, and the study of general laws and hard facts. It gave a linear, forwardly progressing, and optimistic slant to history [?] Positivism gave Jung invaluable training in and respect for empirical science. Jung's medical-psychiatric background is clearly revealed in his empirical research, his careful clinical observation and case histories, his skill in diagnosis, and his formulation of projective tests.?2 Hence, Jung was influenced by the enlightenment and scientific revolution like other great names of his day. However the rationalist scientist in Jung would often be organizing irrational data in an attempt to understand it. (e.g. fantasies, dreams, myths, and even the disorganized, dissociated ramblings of psychotics).

[...] That's what makes a great artist for me.?2 Being in such a creative business as music, musicians do not experience the pressure of say, a psychoanalyst, to ever go beyond feeling. Andrea Corr puts it this way: Its ?wonderful to be able to express yourself through music [ ] there's great therapy in that. You've got it yourself. You don't need to go anywhere for it. It's something that you have.?3 Andrea Corr and Katie Melua both emphasize the sound and the lyrics in music. [...]

[...] As Andrea Corr says, on their own ?words are such an inadequate form of expression Conclusion The aim of this work has simply been to demonstrate that psychology can be a creative discipline. It certainly has an artistic side to it as the archetypal psychologists are always keen to tell us. Alas, I am of the opinion that it is only a side. The modern westerner must be able to think and use logic otherwise he or she is un-adapted to their culture. [...]

[...] And in psychology Jung often said that ideas require updating in order to express and be conducive with the specific time and place.9 The Romantic Philosophers who influenced the ideas of analytical psychology include Goethe, Schiller, Hegel and Nietzsche.?10 Jung wrote that ?mentally my greatest adventure had been the study of Kant and Schopenhauer.?11 For example, there is similarity between Jung's archetypes hypothesis and Kant's categories. Shamdasani writes that in 1918 Jung ?defined the primordial images as a priori conditions for fantasy- production, and likened the primordial image to Kantian categories. [...]

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