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Developmental stages matrix

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  1. Infancy
  2. Early Childhood
  3. Middle Childhood
  4. Adolescence
  5. Early Adulthood
  6. Middle Adulthood
  7. Late Adulthood
  8. Conclusion

The brain triples in size and their stomachs digest more food and more kinds of food, transmitting sustenance for the body to facilitate extraordinary enlargements. An infant on average weighs about seven pounds at birth. Generally, at two years of age the child will weigh around 30 pounds.

The contact of the neurons within the brain grows greatly more complex. Sensorimotor intelligence develops in the six stages. Around eight months the realization of the stability of items is found. Processing data by looking at moving objects and perceiving both inhabitants and things. Learning motor sequences is ongoing. Babbling begins around six months. Distinguishing vocabulary by 10 months and vocalizing first words at around one year.

Newborns tend to have a pain and pleasure way of responding until around four months. They will show this by crying when hurt, sad, sick, hungry, or tired. They will smile or be comfortable to express happiness. About four months of age is when the expression of laughter begins. Six months of age and they begin to feel and express anger. Nine months of age the feeling and expressing of fear. At one year of age self-awareness is felt and at 18 months self-recognition. The majority of infants are able to walk and talk by the age of one. Social interaction continues to develop throughout this entire stage.

[...] Developmental stages matrix Developmental Stages Matrix (References: Infancy - Physical Development - Brain, Infant, Age, Weight, Body, and Human McGraw-hill higher education. (2008). Essential of life span development. [...]

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