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The diverse nature of psychology

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  1. Psychology diversity influence over motivation
  2. Theory of emotion
  3. Approach and avoidance
  4. Influence of psychology diversity on cognition
  5. Cognitive dissonance
  6. False memories
  7. Application of motivation and cognition in sociology and the social sciences

Psychology happens to be an area in science which concerns itself with people's minds as well as the behaviours which people exhibit. As a discipline, psychology is quite diverse. It implicates other areas of science widely as well as makes use of problems that are solvable to create knowledge to the public. For example, through psychology, the individual persons' interaction with the surroundings that they live within can be analysed. Psychology has different concepts which include behaviourism, motivation as well as cognition.

[...] Motivation as well as emotion could be explained through the motivation theory by psychology. Theory of Emotion Different emotional aspects are explained by the theory of emotion. A good example is that emotion happens to be the response which individuals have towards other things and observation of this is through their bodies' reactions. Through psychology study, an individual may be able to study the human body through observation of the manner in which individuals react towards acts or events, for instance through facial expressions. [...]

[...] After the experience of certain happenings by individuals, they will think then react. Therefore cognition refers to diverse methods through which individuals react as well as decide on the manner in which to handle their situations. Even though individuals will have dissimilar viewpoints in decision making, according to cognition these individuals will come to consensus when they have joined a group. Through cognition psychological study, different features are studied which include false memories as well as cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance Cognitive dissonance refers to a condition where a person will have to make a choice between two ideas that contradict. [...]

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