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Emotional intelligence

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  1. Definition
  2. Models
    1. The ability-based model
    2. Mixed models of EI
    3. Trait EI model (2007)
  3. Criticism

As you all know, IQ tests are taken by those who want to measure their intelligence in a scientific and objective way. However, some theories tend to let us think that IQ is not the only indicator of intelligence, and that other sorts of intelligence also need to be taken into account. I will present one of them, the emotional intelligence (EI), which is defined as the capacity to perceive and manage one's emotions, as well as the ones of a group or of other individuals. I will try to define emotional intelligence and the way it is measured, explaining the origins and the concept and who the key theorists are, and conclude by broadly exposing the bases of the criticism that EI is exposed to

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