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Importance of Critical Thinking, Active Reading and Effective Writing for Social Workers

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  1. Introduction.
    1. Interpersonal skills, critical thinking, problem solving skills...
    2. Definitions of critical thinking.
  2. The Foundation for Critical Thinking website.
    1. The benefits of honing one's critical thinking skills.
    2. When critical thinking skills begin to form the most.
    3. The intellectual commitment required to become a good critical thinker.
  3. Active reading skills and the use of critical thinking.
    1. The amount of reading required for classes.
    2. Social workers and research for themselves or for clients.
  4. Ways for someone to demonstrate effective writing.
  5. Conclusion - different applications as well as different challenges involved.

There are important skills that every student should learn, whether they are in high school, community college, or at an affluent university. These skills include the ability to gain knowledge through critical thinking, and then applying that skill and knowledge to the processes of active reading and effective writing. The skills of critical thinking, active reading, and effective writing are valuable, not only for students, but for any individual in order to be the most articulate, knowledgeable, and contributing person that one can be.There are many definitions of critical thinking to be found. For one study the critical thinking was restricted to refer to ?students abilities to identify issues and assumptions, recognize important relationships, make correct inferences, evaluate evidence or authority, and deduce conclusions,? (Tsui, 2002, p. 743). This definition was refined for the purposes of easier interviewing and evaluating for that particular study.

[...] Critical thinking, active reading, and effective writing are important skills for all people to learn. Not all educators emphasize these skills as much as they should, but the growth of liberal arts colleges shows that this is changing. Most colleges and universities now boast about how they develop critical thinking skills and all that goes along with them, including active reading and effective writing. This growth makes it all the more evident that perhaps these skills are important for more than just college students and professionals. [...]

[...] Critical thinking skills are not only necessary for college students seeking to do well and obtain their degree, but they are also imperative in their future career fields, including social work. For a college student, this is the time when critical thinking skills begin to form the most. Perhaps this is because ?these days it is hardly possible to flip through a college catalogue without confronting the words ?critical thinking' among the number of skills that an institution boasts to develop in its students,? (Tsui p.320). [...]

[...] Because of this it is important for social workers to have effective writing skills as well as critical thinking and active reading skills. Social workers must be able to present their thoughts about a client or situation in a clear and concise manner. One never knows when it may be important to return to a report on a client in order to give them the best services in the future or in some cases in order to prove a matter in court. [...]

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